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Helping leaders accomplish more with greater confidence.

We Do Confidence

And Accomplishment

     We all experience times when our confidence is in short supply. As leaders this can show up in many ways like procrastination, over analysis, imposter syndrome, becoming more risk averse, and even burn out. 

Interactions with coworkers grow shorter, we shrink away from opportunities to influence, and our world becomes smaller. While once seen as an up-and-coming leader, we start to feel invisible.  Unfortunately, this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy that can rob great people with great potential of the accomplishments they, and their organizations deserve.

     Often times leaders and their organizations will look to training to build up new skills, which can be helpful over the short term. At QCC we believe coaching is the most effective method to helping leaders reclaim their mojo or find it to begin with! Our Group Coaching and One-on-One Coaching programs are proven effective in helping leaders at all levels recognize their personal genius, get clear on assumptions versus reality and set out on a path that is defined by their own intention. They see their world expand and re-engage with clarity and confidence.

     We believe so strongly in the effectiveness of coaching that we teach it to others! Our Managing Through Coaching program will teach managers of any level how to spend more time coaching and less time managing. As a result, managers will reap the benefits of less conflict, more trust, more engagement, and higher-quality performance, just to name a few. 

Shauna Quistorff, Principle and Owner


J. Swift - Leader

"Really engaging course! I love that I left with several light-bulb moments and a much better understanding of the value of coaching and how to start coaching with my team."
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